The mission of IGA is to utilize its expansive space to allow local LA artists to exhibit their work. We seek to explore all creative opportunities we can provide by hosting events, art installation, concerts, film screenings, and charitable fundraising events through a unique industrial art experience.

Avi Binur is the founder of the Industrial Gallery of Art an 8500sq /ft. workshop with a 3000sq/ft. art gallery.  He is also an acclaimed artist. He has been a featured artist in: “Arts Magazine, Arts Peak, Art Business News, and Decor Magazine.”  A public review of Binur’s works describes his artistic gift as “Both original and simple, Avant Garde and understandable to all.” His unique and original images are appreciated by those who exhibit and purchase his artwork. Binur has utilized diverse materials in his work, from precious metals like Copper, Brass, Silver, Gold, wood and paint, while demonstrating skill with every material. He is a true polymath.

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